On holiday together in Vogtland

Our group accomodation can host groups with a maxium of 40 persons and offers, besides the perfect location, many conveniences of a group home: seperate rooms, TV, showers, sanitary and a bar to enjoy the evening at together. At the bar and common room there is wifi available and you can ask the password to the house manager. In front of the hotel is more than enough parking space. When there’s good weather you can relax on our terrace with an outdoor barbecue. For children we have a nice room for them to entertain themselves with toys and children’s movies, while others are using the entertainment facilities for adults.

To cook and eat, you’re free to use the large kitchen. If you want that extra bit of luxury you can also have breakfast be arranged by us and diners by a local restaurant. And we help you to organise drinks for the whole group. For cleaning we can arrange to hire a cleaner. In consult with the house manager the common rooms in our group accomodation can be cleaned daily and also the dishes can be done for you. For additional requests during your stay, feel free to contact the house manager, who’ll let you enjoy your stay without interruption.

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